MetALLsource is in the business to make your organization more profitable

MetALLsource Procurement Outsourcing Specialists provide cost savings solutions to organizations and companies of all sizes. Procurement outsourcing is being utilized more and more because of the cost reduction and savings that can be achieved. With companies able to reduce costs from 5% to more than 30% for goods and services, this makes a big difference to a company’s bottom line. With procurement outsourcing, companies can focus on what they do best and retain more money for their bottom line.

We are experienced procurement experts who can develop cost reduction strategies that your organization needs to remain profitable. Our list of clients continues to grow because we provide a win-win solution. It’s a simple goal and a risk-free promise. We are paid only when cost savings are implemented and validated. Savings are achieved through dramatically lowered supplier costs and increased production efficiencies.

The MetALLsource procurement team provides the resources to establish cost savings so companies can focus on their core business. We provide two ways to help you save- First, we deliver real and measurable savings on products and services and Second, we can help you reduce the risk of adding additional overhead required to support these activities.  We offer personalized and flexible service with minimal risk designed specifically for your company.

We specialize in savings opportunities in the following spend categories:

  • Energy
  • Environmental & safety management
  • MRO industrial supplies
  • Forging &extrusion tooling
  • Steel products (tool steel, near net shapes, stainless steel structural shapes)

MetALLsource is in business to make your business more profitable.

MetALLsource = Cost Savings = Increased Profitability.